Paulette Hartlett Carr                                                                


The Lotus Fountain

Blithewold Mansion & Gardens, Bristol, RI

The clay model in my studio.

In 2009 the historic fountain in the North Gardens of the Blithewold Mansion & Gardens, known as the Lotus Fountain, was stolen. It has yet to be found and is believed to have been sold for the bronze metal of which it was made.

I recreated the sculpture for the Blithewold Gardens from photographs in their archives. Starting with clay, the fountain was modeled as accurately as possible to the original, a mold made, and then cast into a durable material for a new life in the garden.


The Lotus Fountain sits in the middle of a small pool in the North Garden.

The fountain fills to the top and then gently spills over the sides, dripping off the lower ridges on the lip.

The lotus flower pattern is evident on the sides just under the lip of the fountain.

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