Paulette Hartlett Carr                                                                


Vestiges: Sculpture in the Garden

Diva’s Ball Gown

Fashioned of old copper downspout, burlap, steel and resin. Diva graced the lawn under the imposing Giant Sequoia.



Steel and burlap, Whimsy echoes the tall bamboo behind her.


In 2010, I had the wonderful opportunity to use the grounds of the Blithewold Mansion & Gardens in Bristol, RI, as my canvas for an installation of 8 life-size figures.

Each sculpture was created specially for the site where it was featured.

A book of the exhibit was created and is available by contacting the artist.


Made of burlap, steel, resin and rust, Nikesene was at home in the Bosquet..


Elegant and refined, Peplum was featured near the Japanese Water Garden. She is made of burlap, steel, paint, wood and resin.


Inspired by Japanese kimonos, Yukata overlooks the pond in the Water Garden. She is made of burlap, winterstone, resin, steel and wood.

Josephine’s Dress

Located near the summer cottage, Josephine’s Dress evokes the summer afternoon teas with ladies in their finery.

She is made of burlap, steel and wood with a bronze metal patina.

Rusted Angel

The enormous Manchurain Walnut Tree is the setting for Rusted Angel. She is made of Winterstone, burlap, iron patina, steel and wood.


Tall and elegant, Sphyra sits in the middle of a cathedral of Cypress Trees.

She is made of burlap, resin, steel and wood.


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